Sol Brillante: Butter croissant or Bagel with bacon or ham, egg and cheese. $3.29
Huevos Wraps:
Buenos Dias Amigos! Breakfast burritos flour tortilla, eggs, bacon or ham, Refried beans, fresh salsa, and cheddar cheese. $3.49 (Salsa Roja .25 cents each)
Oat Meal Cereal:
Our own blend of oat mill, combined with delicious wholesome clusters of granola, sweet tangy cranberries and the nutty goodness of pecan. 8 oz. $3.29
3 Egg Omelet with toast:
Your choice of vegetables, meat, and cheese. $4.79
Toasted Bagel w/ cream cheese: $1.09
Bowl of Cereal: A healthy start to your day $1.49
Sandwiches and Wraps:
Bread Choice: White or Wheat, Rye, Croissant, Bagel, or Tortilla. Meats: Turkey, Ham, Bacon, Pastrami, Tuna, Grilled Chicken.
Cheese: Swiss, Cheddar, Mozzarella.
Veggies: Lettuce, Onions, Cucumber, Tomato, Breschetta, Avocado.
Dressings: Creamy Vinaigrette, Mayo, Bistro Sauce, Mustard, Dijon Mustard, Ketchup, Relish. $5.99
Combo it up for $1.69 more.
Soups: Ask for the homemade fresh soup of the day. Includes slice of garlic bread. $3.99
Salpicon De Ave: Chicken salad with Tomato, Lettuce, Onions, Mayo, Mustard, and Pickles. $2.39
Salads: Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Egg, Croutons, Parmesan Cheese, Choice of dressing. and garlic bread. Lrg.$4.99 Sm.$3.29 Add Turkey, Ham, OR Chicken $1.99
Milanesa Sandwich: Our South American flag ship sandwich. ½ lb. of thin cut Chicken or Top Sirloin Steak. Pounded, seasoned and breaded. Choice of all your favorite toppings and dressing. $5.99
Empanadas: Chicken or Beef (Uruguay style) $1.50
Chilean Empanada:
Beef empanada with raisins. Nice balance of salty sweet flavors. Twice the size of our regular empanada. $3.99
Pasculina: A healthy choice. Flaky dough crust, filled with Spinach a hard boiled egg and topped with Mozzarella cheese.$3.29
Spanish Tortilla: Potatoes with eggs, onions, mixed together into a patty and pan- fried. Also made with Broccoli instead of potato. (Taste similar to a quiche) Whole Tortilla $4.99 half $2.99
Jumbo 1/4lb. Beef Hot Dog, Chips and Drink. $3.99
Dinner: All dinner plates Include Garlic Bread.
Caruso Salsa Pasta:
Cream base sauce, Parmesan Cheese, Herbs, Mushrooms and Roasted Bell Pepper, Served over a bed of Penny Pasta. Vegetarians dream sauce. $7.99 plate. Add Chicken $1.49 more.
Gnocchi: Are Potatoes and flour dumpling pasta. Served with a marinara sauce and parmesan cheese. $7.99 plate
Spinach Gnocchi: Are made with spinach instead of potatoes and Cream cheese. Served with the Caruso Salsa. $13.99 plate
Four Cheese Ravioli:
A American classic. A Four Cheese Pasta Served with Marinara sauce and Fresh Parmesan Cheese. $7.99 plate
Neapolitan: ½ lb. of Chicken breast or Top Sirloin Steak. Pounded, Breaded, and Seasoned. Topped with Ham, Cheese and Marinara Sauce. Includes Side Salad. $7.99